Thursday, March 26, 2009

PhotoFit Up

Just about made it through two episodes of The Shield.

A photofit of two criminals (I'd lost track of what they'd done) looked just like the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb.

This was the highlight

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Listening

Not another Frasier detective episode. That may have been preferable to this new show, "The Listener".

The lead character is psychic. He can read minds. He listens in on people's thoughts. Hence the title. When we join him this power has just become stronger and for the first time he finds himself caught up in a crime because of his gift, and then uses the power to solve it.

I didn't like it. Even though he was using his power for good, there was something rather creepy about The Listener. There is a back story about his past which is also starting to come back to him and would potentially be interesting if I didn't find him so creepy. He has a mentor the only person who knows about his secret skill. I don't know if we are supposed to not trust this guy, but frankly I don't. He is even more shifty than The Listener.

There were two women characters who look like being regulars; a police detective and a doctor. Neither looks old enough to be doing their jobs and both were inexplicably angry. And they didn't even know that this guy was listening to their thoughts.

I just don't think I need another show about a psychic. Medium covers pretty much the same ground but in a somehow more sympathetic way. And then Psych pretends to the same powers but isn't a creepy weirdo.

Not one I'll be watching (or listening to) again.