Saturday, September 19, 2009

The show must go on

Detectives have been on the back burner while I've settled into a new job. I've been comfort-watching The Wire and Homicide (perhaps rather gritty depressing shows for comfort-watching but I've seen them both before so don't require any great brainpower).

Earlier in the week, I caught an episode New Tricks. I haven't seen this for a while and am confused by the disappearnace of the character Jack (James Bolam). It has been alluded too but I suspect he isn't returning, which is a shame.

This particular episode was about the theatre. I nearly cried watching the episode. Not because of the murder or the human emotions. It was full of stereotypical luvvies and drama queens. But it made me miss my old job in the theatre industry.

I doubt there will be any detective shows set in the interesting world of third sector second-tier support organisations. Unless I've just spotted a gap in the market.